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Soweto revisited

Of course we had done SOWETO before

It is the most widely known black township in South Africa, home of many famous politicians including Nelson Mandela and the epicenter of the student protests against apartheid of the 1970s and 80s.

So everybody has at least heard of SOWETO. But it's always good to revisit a place after a while. Some of the orgonite may have disappeared over time and new cellphone towers and 5g antennas will inevitably have been installed.

Our friend Ndivuvho, born and raised in SOWETO, had already suggested such a foray and finally we decided to do it.   

I want to use this short excursion as a sample of how a gifting foray can be done.You will eventually develop your own style if you decide to join this effort.

Let's have a look at the typical changes in the sky:

Chemtrails in SOWETO

As we see so often, the sky was initially flat, 2-dimensional and hazy. But we could already see some ripples being exposed. This is something we have seen again and again. Basically the electromagnetic modulation becomes visible, once you introduce fresh orgone energy.   

Chemtrails over SOWETO beginning to dissolve

Here you can see it already dissolving. (we have moved on a bit in the meantime and tossed some towerbusters at the usual targets. The electromagnetic rippling becomes more obvious while it is dissolving. 

cumulus prevailing

 Here you can see the formation of healthy cumulus clouds with some of the already energised and dissolving chem-slime still visible.

Cumulus developing

More of this transition phase. It's always glorious and uplifting to watch!

more beajutiful cumulus after orgonite gifting in Soweto

More beautiful cumulus, now pregnant with rain

So, what have we done to achieve this?

Ndivuvho was actually shocked how simple it is! He had thought that this would be much more complicated and difficult and needed a lot more thought and preparation

.Once over his initial shock, he adapted quickly to the routine of throwing TBs out of the driving car, stepping out and hiding them and always marking them on the GPS for later reference.  

We basically drove into SOWETO and started tossing towerbusters into bushes near cellphone towers, sometimes, in areas where the the towers stand very densely, we would just pepper the place. Most of this is done comfortably from the driving car, sometimes we would get out and hide our gifts deliberately, when the greenery was to sparse and one had to be careful not to miss or to hit people.    

camouflage tower

Typical juicy target: a camouflaged tower with hazy chemslime atmosphere

5g everywhere - orgonite helps

Often we found whole streets where 5g antennas have already been fixed to the electricity poles at very short intervals. The roll-out seemed a bit random. Wherever we found this situation we tried to hide as many TBs as possible in that street, which is not always easy.  

This is a fat one. It definitely warrants more than one TB! 

another juicy target for the orgonite gifter

Ndivuvho tossing one into a lake 

Typical target. 1 or 2 TBs suffice for provoking the positive sky changes shown above. But if you live near this thing, rather put 5 and maybe a 5g equalizer or 2. 

and another one - orgonite takes care of it

Another juicy target, but look how the sky has changed!

One of my strongest impressions was that I could feel the calm, and peace in the area as a result of our previous gifting efforts. Streets look much cleaner, the people well dressed and peaceful and road and building conditions have improved a lot.   
Quite an astonishing sensation!

SOWETO used to be full of rubbish and the feeling was uninviting if not desparate. I don't see that anymore. 

Map of Soweto with our orgonite gifts

Map of Soweto after our gifting effort. As you can see it is approximately half covered now. We need to come back. 

Credo Mutwa cultural village

Credo Mutwa was a Zanusi of the Zulu nation, which means a keeper of the oral history. He famously wrote several books, of which "Indaba my children" is found in many bookshelves around the world. It is in many ways a history of humankind going back into the early days of what we now call prehistory.

Credo has always seen his mission as building a bridge between the traditional knowledge and culture of black Africa and the white people who played a dominating role in his life (he was born in 1922 at a time when white rule was firmly established on the continent and  could not be questioned) For this he was often attacked by many sides, including the the revolutionary youth of the 70s who almost murdered him at one stage, seeing him as a traitor.
Credo got very popular in the alternative history community after his 6 hour interview with David Icke "The Reptilian Agenda" in which he reveiled the Zulu perspective on our reptilian overlords and the Annunaki, with astonishing similarities to the stories relayed in the Sumerian tablets and other records all over the world.   

I had the great privilege of meeting him a few times and even introducing him to orgonite which he greatly appreciated.   
Here are some of my earlier stories involving Credo Mutwa in some way:


Credo and I posing for a photo on my probably last visit to him in Kuruman 2010

Credo has created several cultural villages over time, in which his great sculptures depict mythological (or should we rather say "ancient hystorical") scenes and creatures. The one in Soweto, which is probably the most prolific,  fell in stark disrepair and was generally disrespected and often even desecrated by the surrounding communities.An effort was made to restore it while the wise man was still alive, around 2008. But even after that it was invaded for lewd drinking and sex parties and litterened with broken bottles and condoms when I had last visited more than 10 years ago.     
So I was very anxious and actually did not want to go there in order to spare myself the pain of seeing it in further decline. 
And yet we went and what a pleasant surprise it was:
We found people conducting proper traditional ceremonies there and found the atmosphere very positive. 

Georg and Lebo at Credo Mutwa Village in Soweto

Inside a hut we ran into  Lebo there, who has adopted the role of custodian and conducts guided tours for visitors. He is surrounded by beautiful African artefacts that are illustrating the cultural significance of this village. 

Below just some visual impressions of the evocative storytelling world of Credo Mutwa: 

Credo Mutwa village orgonite1

Zulu dance being performed just outside the village. 

All in All it was a day well spent. We both were very satisfied and particularly happy after the surprisingly positive and uplifting visit to The Credo Mutwa village. 
The other half of Soweto awaits - we will be back!

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