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Orgonite Plant Growth Experiment

How can we prove that orgonite works?

Orgone energy is not easily measurable like electricity, air pressure or similar physical parameters. However, Wilhelm Reich attempted to define a measurable quantity of orgone energy as 1 org. He used the discharge time of an electroscope at a given humidity as a measure of the orgone charge. 

However, with orgone being a protophysical form of energy, we believe that the most telling way to prove its working is by it's effect on living organisms. That;s why comparative orgonite plant growth experiments have been undertaken by many serious orgonite experimentors.  

An inspiring precedent

When I visited Germany in 2005, I got hold of a copy of the magazine NET (Neue Energie Technologien) where a Dr. Grünberg had published a very convincing Experiment for testing a different (based on tachyonised material, I think) "radiation neutraliser" for cellphones. In his experiment, 3 samples of water were prepared. 1 was radiated with 2 cellphones calling each other without any protection. One was radiated with 2 cellphones with the device to be tested. The third sample was kept separate and not radiated at all. 3 equal samples of sprout able seeds were then watered with the previously prepared water samples. Interestingly Dr. Grünberg found that the Sample watered with the water that had been radiated with the "protected" cellphones produced better and healthier growth than the totally neutral control sample. Of course this immediately reminded me of the general observation of all frequent orgone gifters that gifting a cellphone tower (we call them death force  transmitters) with simple orgonite towerbusters transforms that tower into a source of positive orgone energy (POR) thus creating a situation better than simply eliminating the tower. Plant growth experiments have also been used by many others to demonstrate the effect of orgonite. The reasoning is simple and straight forward: If Orgonite does indeed strengthen the life force, this should show measurable results in plant growth and plant health.

Other plant growth experiments

Many others have used plant growth experiments as a means to demonstrate the efficacy of orgonite. The most recent one that got some publicity was conducted by Mr. P Barker from Brighton, England. It was published in Fortean Times, Issue 249, p24, available at www.forteantimes.com. Mr. Parker, an initially sceptical organic farmer conducted several systematic experiments, comparing the growth of vegetables and sprout in the presence of orgonite and without. To his surprise in all cases he found that the samples exposed to orgonite at close range showed much better growth and healthier appearance.

orgonite plant growth experiments are quite popular in the orgonite community

Plant growth experiment published in Fortean Times:The Minishield Experiment With all these inspiring and encouraging precedents, this is what we did:

14 Nov 2009

orgonite plant growth experiment sample 2 cellphones without minishield

Sample 1: 2 cellphones without Minishield calling each other for more than 30 min

2 cellphones with orgonite protection in plantgrowth experiment

Sample 2: 2 cellphones with orgonite Minishield calling each other for more than 30 min

In fact I forgot to switch this one off, so we ended up with some 42 minutes on sample 2.


duration of orgonite plantgrowth experiment

Duration of radiation exposure for both samples This little oversight would actually make our argument stronger if sample 2 would produce the better results than sample 1 or the neutral control sample.


untreated water as control in orgonite plant growth experiment

Control sample 3: untreated tap water

3 equal samples of chick pes in orgonite plant growth experiment

The amount of unsprouted chick peas was measured in a small espresso cup to ensure all 3 samples would start off the same amount of peas

setup under equal conditions for orgonite plant growth experiment

All 3 samples were covered in water, approximately 1inch or a bit more than 1cm of their respective water sample and left over night.

This is the normal sprouting procedure

orgonite plant growth experiment chick peas soaked with equal amounts of water

All samples have soaked up water in equal amount.

From now on they are being rinsed with their respective water twice daily Sample 1 is not looking very happy. Some of the sprouts have already started rotting a bit. The whole sample feels somewhat slimey. Surprisingly, (or not?) the sample with the water radiated with orgonite Minishield protected cell phones looks better than the control sample sprouted with tap water. It also seems to have the highest volume in the glass. Many green leaves are ready to unfurl. The control sample looks ok, but not as abundantly healthy as the orgonite Minishield one. Interestingly in the beginning sample 1 seemed to sprout fastest. In a way this reminded me of the "fake recovery" often seen in patients under chemotherapy or antiretroviral.

orgonite plant growth experiment resultsThe 3 samples after 5 days. Sample 2 looks best

rotten sample in orgonite plant growth experiment - no orgoniteSample 1: notice the many brownish and somewhat rotten sprouts.Weight 148g

thriving sample in orgonite plant growth experiment - with orgonite  Sample 2: healthiest appearance, highest biomass with weight 165g

mediocre sample in orgonite plant growth experiment - neutral tap waterSample 3: The spouts look healthy, but not as strong and vitalas the onbes from Sample 2.

Weight 150g, just slightly higher than sample 1.

Which sample do YOU want to be?

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