Orgonite Easter Egg

Orgonite Easter Egg

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Orgonite HHG

This is one of the Orgonite classics, designed by Don Croft. Orgonite cone with 5 single-terminated crystals, also known as the "Holy Handgrenade".

Orgonite HHG  for EMF protection in your house, workplace, or for Orgonite Gifting!

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The HHG is one of the classic Orgonite Tools developed by pioneer Don Croft to gift (neutralise) large arrays of cellphone towers and other EMF and HAARP generators. This personal Orgone Generator will beneficially influence your house (or flat) and garden as well as the surrounding area.

Energy sensitive friends have attributed a radius of at least 500m to this design.

All of our Orgonite Pyramids and HHGs contain 5 Quartz crystal tips. These are placed in the tip of the HHG, and in its base pointing in the 4 directions. The natural tips of the crystals help to create a much more powerful Orgone Energy field, compared to the Quartz breakage we use in our Towerbusters or Pendants (which creates a more diffuse energy field).

The Pyramids and HHGs thus have a much stronger and more directed energy flow and a wider radius of effect. Psychics and energy sensitive individuals will often observe a beam of energy coming out of the top of the Pyramid or HHG - most people can feel this by passing their hand through the air over the HHG, and describe it as a warm or tingling sensation or a pressure to the palm of the hand.

The HHG will cancel negative energies from cellphone (microwave) transmitters or power lines in this radius of influence. The transmitter array below in Tororo, Uganda, was gifted with 2 standard HHGs at a distance of about 2 km, and yet we managed to unlock this fantastic Orgone vortex in the clouds over the mountain top:

Dowsers have reported neutralising of negative water veins and other geopathic stresses by application of only one HHG in a house.

Holy Handgrenades are an ideal gift for friends and loved ones - we have never found anybody who was not happy to get one. I have completely replaced the formerly mandatory bottle of wine as party gift with these little things. Let's spread some good energies!

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