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Booster HHG

Pink Keshe Brick

Orgonite to the power of 2!

Keshe Orgonite is the next step in healing and clarity bought on by our Orgonite, with GANS + Orgonite - experience a new energy vibration sensation.

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Pink Keshe Brick

The little bottle contains proper GANS with solids. You can observe them as a white cloud, that settles on the bottom when still, and gets stirred up once you move the brick.

The Needle Quartz is placed next to the bottle in the Orgonite (not always visible). The tips point in opposite directions, one up, one down to create a vortex like energy glow.

The Heart opening qualities of this Keshe Orgonite are abundant and symbolized in the beautiful heart shape.

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- Orgonite
- 10ml Vial with Co2 Gans
- 2 S/T Needle Quartz Crystals
- BRhodochrosite
- Flower Shape Metal Inlay

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