the art of moneyfestation or manifestation of money is as ancient as money itself. All manifestation devices have always used the principle of combining an energy source (the orgonite) with a token of the desired outcome.

Moneyfest Brick

Moneyfest Bundle

Moneyfest Bundle

Moneyfest HHG

Create more financial f;ow in your life. Moneyfesting orgone generator with shredded reserve bank notes, 5 quartz crystals and standard orgonite mix. The bottom is covered in an attractive affrican print fabric.  

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The Moneyfest HHG is an attractive powerful orgone generator poised to increase the money flow in your life. All manifesting devices (radionics) have this in common: A source of energy (here the orgonite) and a token for the desired outcome (the shredded money). 

Place it on any money related documents such as a copy of your bank statement or even on top of a photo of yourself as the happy recipient of the new abundance.  

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