Orgonite Glossary

Orgonite related Terms frequently used on this website

The worldwide orgonite gifting network has definitely created it's own language over the last 11 or 12 years. Some of the most frequently used orgonite related expressions are explained here.

Orgonite: A mixture of metal filings and resin. Orgonite is mostly combined with quartz crystals. The term "Orgonite" was first used by Karl Welz who claims to have invented the mix. Orgonite is known to have an energy converting effect, converting stagnant energy (DOR) into lively moving energy (POR)   

Orgone Energy: A term first coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Orgone Energy is understod to be the universal life force, underlying all matter and all measurable energies. In other traditions, orgone energy is also known as Chi, Qui, Prana, Ether, Elan Vital, Cosmic Energy, Zero Point Energy, Quantum Fluctuation, Torsion Field and many other names

Orgone Accumulator: A device invented by Dr. Wilhelm Reich to concentrate cosmic orgone energy. It consists of a box (mostly man sized for people to sit in) with alternating layers of organic and metallic material. 

DOR (Deadly Orgone eneRgy): Stagnating orgone field, detrimental to life.

POR (Positive Orgone eneRgy): Free flowing life enhancing Orgone Energy

Orgone Generator: A device that transforms DOR into POR. Orgonite has this quality, while Orgone Accumulators are thought to concentrate the ambient orgone energy, whether positive or negative.

HHG (Holy Handgrenade): A conical Orgone Generator made out of Orgonite. The name was jokingly borrowed from Monthy Phyton's "The Meaning of Life" by it's inventor, Don Croft. The classical design has 5 pointed crystals. 4 at the bottom in cross shaped arrangement, one pointing upwards in the tip. Another tested design has one pointed crystal in the tip and a spiral of thick copper wire moving from the bottom up in clockwise fashion.

Orgonite Towerbuster: Disc shaped smaller piece of Orgonite, used for neutralising Negative Energies emitted by Cellphone Towers but also to heal all other places of bad DOR. The universal "weapon" of the orgone warrior!

Orgonite Cloud Buster (Chembuster): Invented by Don Croft. The classical Don Croft Orgonite Cloud Buster cosnsists of 6 Copper tubes in circular arangement that are embedded in a cylindrical or slightly conical base of orgonite. Typically the tubes are 6" or some 1800mm long, closed at the botom, with a double terminated quartz crystal siting in the bottom of each Tube.

Willhelm Reich Reich Cloud Buster: An array of Hollow metal tubes, mostly mounted on a turret to be able to aim it at any point above the horizon. The CB was connected to cables that were used to ground the closed ends of the tubes into a (preferrably flowing) water body. Reich type Cloudbusters seem to draw ne negative Orgone (DOR) and ground it into the water body, thereby creating movement andrevitalising the flow of energy. They need skilled operators in order to ave beneficial effects.

Orgonite Gifting: (also called orgone gifting) The activity of distributing orgonite into the environment in a purposeful manner in order to neutralise sources of negative energy. Typical targets are cellphone towers, (Strong DOR emitters) but all places that have a stagnant or negative feel to them can benefit from orgonite gifts. Draws in negative Energy (DOR) and converts it into positive energy (POR). Needs no attention or skilled operator in order to harmonize and revitalize large areas.

Busting: The idea behind the word is that something bad is eliminated.  Like when you bust a cellphone tower, (we call them death force transmitters)  the black Aura dissappears and is replaced by a vibrant colourful Aura. Cloud patterns are then also often observed to change to a more sculptural, articulated shape.

SP-Crystal: Short for Succor Punch crystal. A crystal wrapped with a mobius coil that can be pulsed with a zapper. When pulsed in this way, an SP crystal creates a pulsed scalar field that protects against most electronic spying and some psychic spying. It can also be used for etheric boosting. Popular with Orgone Gifters on their busting forays to minimise unwanted Interference by the dirty illegal agencies. 

Orgonite Power Wand: An SP crystal embedded in Orgonite, contained in a copper tube. Comes i different sizes and with additional gemstones. Use like SP, only much more powerful. 

Etheric Boosting
: Essentially a process of sending energy with intention. We often use tools like the SP or the PW in order to enhance the energy that can be sent out. When combined with the participation of psychically gifted participanmts, etheric boosting can be targeted against criminal and parasitic elements of the New World Order hierachy. When done with the intent of neutralising negative entities, we also speak of blasting. Group boosting, mostly conducted via Internet chatrooms is  called a

Chatblast: Group boosting mostly conducted by several persons who may be in different parts of the planet, connected via some kind of instant chat sotware. The most famous one of these chatblasts happens on the Etheric Warrior forum.

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