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Shungite Egg

Shungite Egg

Orgonite Easter Egg

Orgonite Easter Egg with Quartz Crystal and garnet in the orgonite core. Available in 4 colours or as set of 4.

The Easter egg is the ultimate symbol of abundace and fertility. It's shape combines a sphere with an inscribed pyramid of ideal proportions.

No wonder the shape is underlying all Russian church spires. Researchers have found that the atmosphere in Russian church towers is totally free of any harmful bacteria and viruses and has a general healing property.

Even the famous matroschka dolls (a doll within a doll within a doll within a doll) is ultimately based on the egg.

The San (Bushmen) of the Kalahari traditionally keep their water in an ostrich egg to keep it fresh and energised.

It has taken Friederike a while to figure out how to make them. Even though it's a simple shape, it's not that easy to make in orgonite.

You can get them in 4 disffsrent colours, or, if you want a set of 4 in all colours, you get them at a 25% reduced price.    

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We have finally managed to make nice easter eggs with powerful orgonite.
Apart from sentimental childhood memories and the general reference to joyfully heathen fertility and abundance rites, the Easter Egg is a powerful shape. 

In the Russian sphere it is considered a holy geometry.
All the church spires are based on the egg shape.
Even the famous matrioshka dolls (the doll within a doll within a doll within a doll....) are based on the egg shape.
The Orgonise Africa Team at St Basil in Moscow
The Orgonise Africa team at St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow 2016

This characteristic roof shape is also often described as onion shaped, but it can be overlayed with the egg. Also inscribed in the shape is the pyramid and the sphere.

geometry of the egg
Some of the geometrical aspects of the egg shown in this diagram

No wonder that the French jeweller Fabergé was so highly successful in Russia with his gold decorated porcelain eggs.
Still the cheap imitations of these amazing creations are prominent in every souvenir shop all over Russia.   

Faberge Egg
Original Fabergé egg given to my great great grandfather by Czar Alexander

In Africa the egg is equally venerated. The San, (bushmen) skillfully surviving in a water scarce environment,  used ostrich eggs to keep their water fresh and alive. A combination of evaporation cooling and inner vortexing kept the water "alive" and therefore truly nourishing.

Angelina Ndimande - painted ostrich egg
Painted Ostrich Egg by Angelina Ndimande

Our easter eggs have an orgonite core with a quartz crystal and garnet crumbs, coated in coloured resin.
Get yourself a set for a somewhat different Easter egg hunt this year. they will give you joy the whole year.
You can really feel the amplified energy cause by the special shape.   

Orgonite Easter Eggs from Orgonise Africa
Orgonite Easter eggs from Orgonise Africa


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