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El Silverado Zapper

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Clark Zapper Essential

El Dorado Zapper

Orgone Zapper El Dorado

With 24ct gold electrodes, keep yourself healthy, with style. The pure energy and resistance to corrosion make gold the material of ultimate choice for the orgone zapper electrodes. We give a life long guarantee on this one. 

  • Life-Long guarantee: Whatever is wrong with your zapper, you send it back to us, we fix it. You only pay for the postage to us.  
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El Dorado Orgone Zapper  - The Golden One

This is clearly the top of the range: 24ct golden electrodes!
Gold will not discolour or stain but beware it's original purity and sheen under prolonged use.
We have found this orgone zapper very pleasant to wear.
If you value your health and your wellbeing, you may find you are worth this investment!

The EL DORADO orgone zapper comes in a beautiful etui, enclosed in a zipper bag for accessories. (see pictures)


Frequency: 15 Hz pulsed DC
Battery: 9V PP3 due to airline restrictions we can not send the 9v battery with the zapper
Electrodes: 2 x 1g 24 ct Gold
Removable Velcro Strap
2.5 mm micro socket for external devices
Neodymium Magnet 10.3 x 3 mm
Mobius coil, protected by boundary wire
Orgonite block
Amethyst crystal coiled into "tail" lead wire
Garnet crystal coiled into "head" lead wire
LED to show on/off status

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